Creating Positive Change

At The Assisi Foundation, we work with nonprofit organizations to address pressing challenges affecting our community while also searching for root causes with the goal of healthy, positive transformation. We focus on areas such as health and human services, education and lifelong learning, social justice and ethics, cultural enrichment and the arts, and community enhancement. However, it should be noted that whether or not an organization falls neatly within one of these categories, we always invite the exploration of good ideas that align with our mission of philanthropy, done well.

Areas of Focus

The Foundation supports initiatives that enhance the spiritual, mental and physical health and well-being of the Mid-South community. Grantees include organizations that address a variety of social determinants through the provision of direct care, research or preventive measures.

The Foundation strives to strengthen our community’s educational well-being through programs that develop tools for life and focus on the awareness and importance of accepting social responsibilities. The Foundation funds nonprofits that build the organizational capacity of provider agencies, provide professional development, promote collaboration, and leverage local, state and federal resources.

Special Notice: Please see eligibility guidelines about the specific deadline annually to apply for this focus area as well as requirements for academic institutions.

The Foundation values organizations that help individuals strive to reach their greatest human potential. The Foundation funds projects and programs that strengthen ethical values among Mid-South citizens and promote social justice—initiatives that lead to a better understanding of, and a more effective response to, the economic and social challenges of the community.

Seeking to foster an even greater appreciation of Memphis arts and culture, The Foundation supports some of our area’s cultural icons and groups that work to promote the cultural and artistic heritage of the Greater Memphis area.

Special Notice: Please see eligibility guidelines about the specific deadline annually to apply for this focus area.

Requests may be considered for (1) capital campaigns/endowments, (2) renovations and repairs, and (3) underwriting special programming/artists (after all other options have been explored). Any other types of requests (such as requests for audience development, marketing, or arts education and outreach) will be referred to Arts Memphis. Any organization submitting an application must meet the eligibility criteria. This will not affect any current grant relationships we have with arts organizations.

For grant applications that don’t fit neatly into other named categories, The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to explore activities that offer clear community benefit valued by named beneficiaries; address gaps and promote effectiveness within the socioecological system; and strengthen community resilience.


Many worthwhile organizations and projects in our community need funding. However, to be considered for an Assisi Foundation grant, your organization and project must meet our eligibility requirements. Please review and consider before applying:

IRS status: Your organization must have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

Faith Nondiscrimination Policy: The Assisi Foundation of Memphis acknowledges and appreciates your statements of values and faith that guide the practices of your nonprofit and many other faith-based organizations. If, however, your organization precludes or prohibits individuals of a different faith from participation, or receiving services from your organization, and/or from serving on the staff or governing board of your organization, the Foundation asks that you seek funding from other sources. To clarify further, even if you have volunteers and employees, and serve clients from ALL faith traditions, if you have never had non-Christians on your Board and have no plans to select non-Christians to serve on the board, we ask you to seek funding from other sources.

Arts and Culture Organizations: Requests are only eligible for The Foundation’s first quarter, which is the November deadline of the preceding year.

Schools and
Education-Related Organizations:
Requests are only eligible for The Foundation’s second quarter, which is the February deadline.


Grants are not made to or for:

  • Individuals
  • National fundraising drives
  • Auctions
  • Dinners
  • Outreach ministries or projects of only one congregation
  • Tickets for benefits
  • Political organizations or candidates for public office
  • Lobbying activities
  • Recurring budget deficits
  • Festivals
  • Health fairs
  • Tournament fees and /or travel for athletic competitions
  • Evangelization (religion)
  • Program expenses that occur on a regular basis (i.e. annual workshop series, membership dues, regularly needed medical equipment or patient care)
  • Regularly supported activities of fundraising organizations
  • Replacement of government funding cuts
  • Conferences
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships
  • Perpetual ongoing support for programs
  • Emergencies

Geographical Location

Your organization and program must be located in Shelby, Fayette and Tipton Counties in Tennessee; Crittenden County, Arkansas; or Desoto County, Mississippi.

Important Application Dates

All proposals must be submitted via our online portal by 5 p.m. on the day the application is due. Proposals are time stamped upon submission.

1st Quarter Grants

Attention:Arts/Culture proposals may be submitted this quarter only.Deadline: November 14, 2022 Notification: February 1, 2023

2nd Quarter Grants

Attention:Education proposals may be submitted this quarter only.Deadline: February 16, 2022 Notification: May 1, 2022

3rd Quarter Grants

Deadline: May 11, 2022 Notification: August 5, 2022

4th Quarter Grants

Deadline: August 17, 2022 Notification: November 1, 2022

What to Know


Please download our Grantseeker Resource Packet—required reading for all applicants. Included are more details regarding eligibility, a timeline for the application process, answers to frequently asked questions, and instructions on how sign up and navigate the portal.

Want to review the application questions to determine if you want to apply or what items to prepare? Click here.

Apply Now

Before proceeding, please make sure that you have reviewed our eligibility requirements, deadlines and grantseekers packet. You will need this document: Certification & Acceptance 2021

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