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Congratulations on receiving an award from the Foundation. Here you will find the information you need to fulfill the terms of your grant agreement. Start by reviewing your grant award letter to determine what items you need to submit and when. Next, review the information below to learn more about the specific items we requested. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms of your award, please contact your program officer, which is listed in your letter. Our staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your grant’s conditions.

Special Note: We adopted a new portal in November of 2020. All active users at that time were transitioned over to the new system but your login credentials have changed. Your new username is your email address. Please contact us if you need assistance getting logged in.

If you are a new user that needs to gain access to an active grant for reporting purposes, please start by registering here and then contact us at to let us know that you need specific access.

Click here for the Grantee Portal Guide

All grantees are asked to report on the outcomes of your awarded program or project through the Grantee Portal. Please refer to the prescribed conditions section of your grant award letter to determine your report schedule and what specific project conditions you have been asked to address.

Specific Project Conditions: Please carefully review the specific project conditions listed in your grant award letter. Although all clauses of your letter are important, these conditions help guide you to address specific information that was in your initial proposal.

Once logged in, please find your report form(s) in the Grantee Requirements tab.

Renewal Applications

Renewal awards are granted based on a specific schedule and limited to a predetermined number of years. Please refer to the prescribed conditions in your grant award letter to determine both if you have been invited to reapply and when your application is due.

Once logged into the portal, your renewal application form is already open and  ready for you to complete.

Challenge and Conditional Pledge Requirements

When challenge or conditional pledge grants are awarded, specific requirements for the challenge are customized for your grant. The usual time period for meeting the challenge requirements is one year from the date of the grant award letter unless otherwise stated in the prescribed conditions listed in your grant award letter.

Once logged in, please find your condition forms located in the Grantee Requirements tab.

Challenge Awards:

Typically, you are asked to provide evidence of cash in hand or pledges. Applying monies taken from reserve funds is not considered to be raising new funds. One of the more frequently asked questions is: Can in-kind donations be counted as part of the match for the challenge? Please look at the prescribed conditions in your grant award letter as this, too, is customized based on the type of grant requested and the financial strength of your organization.

The intent of many challenge grants is to serve as a catalyst for your organization to mobilize and expand its current donor base. That said, we love in-kind donations because that helps our partners preserve cash for operations and reserves, and planned and unplanned contingencies. As we discuss in Before You Ask, it’s important to document “in-kind donations” to reflect a project’s true total costs. This becomes difficult when some over value the in-kind contribution, like labor, materials, furniture and fixtures. This is similar to the discussion we have about whether the cost or the charge is the real value.

Generally, we recommend that you document all your in-kind contributions by including donors’ written estimates of equivalent value (not to exceed market comparative values). We will consider that documentation after you and your team have made every honest effort to get the necessary cash and pledges to meet the requirements of the challenge grant. We don’t ask you to turn down good in-kind contributions; we ask you to seriously leverage the challenge.