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Ruby Payne In-Person Workshop: A Framework for Understanding Economic Classes

January 19, 2021 .
Day 1 March 21st 8:30am-3:30pm: Emotional Poverty in All Demographics: How to Reduce Anger, Anxiety, and Violence in the Classroom (workshop) In this workshop, you will learn and practice many techniques and exercises that will help students and parents build emotional resources in school and at home. Every evening on the news, there are multiple stories about violence and anger erupting. Workplace and school violence are increasingly a reality. Using a brain-based approach, this session looks at the underlying causes of anger, anxiety, and violence; how they develop; and the tools that can be used to change those responses. Emotions are processed 200 to 5,000 times faster than thought. To change behavior, the motivation for the behavior must be changed. This session will provide understandings on how that can be used with family, relationships, institutions, and oneself. For more information contact Tiffanie Grier at [email protected].