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YODA, YOUR AGENCY & THE SECRET SAUCE: When Focus Meets the Force (morning)

January 19, 2021 .
  • Date: Thursday, May 4, 2023
  • Time: 9:30am-11:30am
  • Location: IN-PERSON at Assisi Foundation of Memphis
  • 515 Erin Drive, Memphis, TN 38117
  • Contact Person: Tiffanie Grier, [email protected]
Description: What is sacred and powerful about the experience that your organization offers to the communities and customers that you serve?  Is there a “secret sauce” that sets you apart from others?  On May 4th (also known as Star Wars Day - “May the Fourth/Force Be With You”) we’ll dive into strategies on how to focus on your most virally powerful asset - the brand of your experience.  No lightsabers or land speeders needed for this training (don’t worry if you don’t understand the reference).  Rather, get ready for a fun, practical, and hyper-space speed in- person training experience by our friends (and fellow Star Wars fans) at Leading To Change.  In the words of the great Yoda Master….“Your path you must decide.” .